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Dental Aesthetics

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Dental Treatments

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Dental Aesthetics

Boost your charm with a new dazzling smile

Teeth Whitening

Now with laser technology you will be able to walk out with an instantly brighter ,more confident smile in just one visit .


Now you will be able to wear the smile you have always dreamt of! Transform your teeth color, shape, and alignment with dental veneers into a celebrity’s smile! Installment’s payment available for this service.

Hollywood smile

Have an event and need a quick solution to transform your charming smile?


Your teeth are maligned or have an unerupted tooth. Orthodontics would be your solution to make it right!

Dental Treatments

Don’t let the pain control your mood


Get a non-biased specialist opinion and treatment plan options that accommodate you.

Scaling & Polishing

Refresh your breath and keep your gums healthy as well as get rid of stains on your teeth.

Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth/teeth don’t worry, Doctor’s ders dental can easily restore it with implants! The best option you can get that mimic natural teeth. Installment’s payment available for this service.

Crowns and Bridges

Don’t postpone any more your missing or broken tooth/teeth. Installment’s payment available for this service.

Dental Fillings

Have a chipped tooth? carious tooth? discolored or disfigured tooth?
Well, what are you waiting for hurry up before it gets worse!

Root Treatments

We used automated rotary endo system that will shorten your treatment time and relieve the pain.

Gum Treatments

Whether you suffer from periodontal pockets, receding gums, gummy smile , pigmented gums or gum disease .Don’t worry we are fully equipped for that and most of the procedures are done using laser which have plenty of benefits.

Extraction / Oral Surgeries

An impacted tooth or badly decayed tooth is causing your pain or abscess? Don’t keep it anymore

Removable Prothesis

Lost most of your teeth or all of them, we have got your covered. We will be able to restore the aesthetics and function back.

Ders Dental – Meet Our Doctor

أفضل دكتور أسنان في القاهرة | Ders Dental | محمد عاطف | عيادة ضرس

Doctor Mohammed Atif






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Patient reviews about Ders Dental

The experience was amazing, each session requires less than 10 minutes and isn’t painful at all.
After the second session during the treatment course, i started seeing a massive improvement of the dark eye circles . All my friends I met also saw the difference and kept asking me what cream do i use for dark circles.

Patient 1

First, there were wrinkles under my eyes. From the second session of meso-lightening they totally disappeared. All my friends told me that I had changed and looked much younger. The smooth threads treatment results appeared after a month and 5 days, and all the wrinkles and fine lines around my mouth disappeared ,it also reshaped and plumped my lips noticeably

Patient 2

Teeth whitening is a masterpiece solution , I don’t recognize my teeth😍 Am trying to forgot how it looked like before 😃

Patient 3

The results are breathtaking. There is a huge difference in the whiteness of my teeth from the first session and it is not exhausting at all

Patient 4

Amazing and it feels like am using an enhancing filter for my teeth 😃 All i know that i would be doing starting now ,is smiling to everybody 24/7 😊

Patient 5

I was going for simple check-up for my teeth, but I got so excited to do veneers .It totally transformed my smile and it looks very natural too 😍

Patient 6